5 Models Who Turned into Successful Bollywood Actresses

5 Models Who Turned into Successful Bollywood Actresses

Modelling is one of the greatest and the toughest challenges because if you wish to become a model, it requires panache and sheer confidence just to walk the ramp and for that, you have to maintain a hot body that the entire universe craves for, and yes it isn’t a joke.Sometimes it feels terrible when people straight away judge models who turned into actresses by giving the sheer logic that models cannot act! But is it written anywhere that a person who does modelling cannot become an actor?Well, it’s not a big deal to maintain a zero figure after all, and moreover, you need just maintain a hot and fit body and just act smartly.

There have been many Bollywood actresses who were models and then went on to become celebrities.This is really surprising as it is so challenging for the gorgeous ladies to play so many different roles in their life and that too brilliantly and proof enough that models are not just near perfect bodies but much more than that.Here are 5 beautiful models who turn out to be the most successful Bollywood actresses ever.


Models Who Turned into Successful Bollywood Actresses


1. Aishwarya Rai:

There is no need to introduce the Ex-Miss world, Aishwarya Rai. Other than having those beautiful catty eyes and that stunning body, she also knows the way to act. Even today she is considered to be the most beautiful models and vastly talented and wonderful actress in Bollywood


Aishwarya Rai


2. Bipasha Basu:

Another bombshell actress cum model and she can get any man go scrawny on his knee as she has got super sexy looks and gorgeous body that is perfectly combined with natural and fantastic acting skills. She can make heads turn both at the ramp walk or while acting in a movie.


Bipasha Basu


3. Deepika Padukone:

The most beautiful and the prettiest model who turned actress. She is just too gorgeous and can overwhelm in any outfit. No one can deny the fact that she is the most beautiful and stunning actress as she has natural acting skills and right now she is the darling of the whole nation!


Deepika Padukone



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4. Dia Mirza:

She is another beautiful and stunning actor that makes everybody wonder if she is a human being or is made of wax because she has that flawless skin and that perfect body and adding to it such a mind-blowing and graceful personality. However, with her stunning performance onscreen she has that capability of making anyone seem to be real on screen.


Dia Mirza


5. Katrina Kaif:

Her babydoll looks make her look even cuter and beautiful at the same time. Her acting skills are worth it as she has done many wonderful roles and delivered roaring hits on numerous occasions time and again with a great deal of consistency beating all odds and the fact that she was an NRI from London having little knowledge about Hindi.


Katrina Kaif


The very Fact that these Bollywood Actress have conquered the hearts of Millions and Billions not just in India but across the world will Hopefully, make people change their opinion about Models and their perception that models cannot act and deliver.The models mentioned above who turned out to be successful actress proved that models have the capability and that anybody and everybody who puts in the kind of hard work which they do in their profession can make it big in Bollywood.


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