BIGG BOSS 11: Shocking Things Priyank Sharma Revealed about the Show

Salman and Priyank in Big Boss 11

BIGG BOSS 11: Shocking Things Priyank Sharma Revealed about the Show

When MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla star entered the Bigg Boss house, everybody, including Salman Khan felt that he will survive till the end. But, all hell broke loose when Priyank Sharma got evicted from Bigg Boss 11 because of his violent behaviour. Well, it so happened that Priyank got into an ugly fight with a fellow housemate, Akash. The fight happened when Akash started making fun of Vikas’s sexuality. Priyank, being a good friend of Vikas, could not bear this and as a result, he got furious and pushed Akash against the wall aggressively.

Now, ‘Physical Violence’ is not at all tolerated in the Bigg Boss house, and because of this Priyank Sharma was shown the exit door of the Bigg Boss house by host Salman Khan in just one week. His fans showed a lot of support to him through social media sites and even asked the Producers to get him back on the show. It was rumoured a few days back that he would be back in the show. But, this mystery has now come to an end as Priyank has returned to Mumbai and is not going inside the Bigg Boss house, at least for now.

After being ousted from the house, Priyank Sharma has been giving a lot of interviews. He thanked his fans for showering him with so much love. When asked if he regrets standing up for his friend, he gave a statement to Firstpost that he pushed Akash because he was being abusive and used foul words for Vikas’s mother. Priyank also said that he knows he was wrong and he should have used a better way to calm down the situation. He states that he shouldn’t have got so emotional and should have done it smartly.

Priyank also commented on the behaviour of Shilpa Shinde, saying that she has a split personality and her focus in only on Vikas. In another interview with India Today, Priyank Sharma stated that Arshi, Shilpa, Puneesh and Akash are dangerous contestants and the wild card entries should beware of them.

He also said that the best way to play this game is by being real. He further added that one should be emotional, but not get carried away by feelings like he did. He stated that he got so intense and emotional that he pushed Akash. According to him, one should be real; being fake won’t work in the Bigg Boss house.

When asked about the affair rumours with Hina, Vikas and Benafsha, he stated that it is all rubbish and no one should pay attention to these rumours.

So, friends do you want to see Priyank back in the Bigg Boss house? Tell us in the comments section below!

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