India is now the World’s 2nd Largest SmartPhone Market

India is now the World's 2nd Largest SmartPhone Market

India is now the World’s 2nd Largest SmartPhone Market

India has beaten The United States of America to become the Second Largest Smartphone Market in the World according to a report by global Technology market analyst firm Canalys
As per the report, the shipment of Smartphones to India was around 40 million units growing by a whopping 23 percent in the third quarter of this year.The figures indicate that India is only behind China relegating the US to Third Place.
The top two brands in terms of market share in India are Samsung and Xiomi which shipped close to 9.4 million and 9.2 million smartphone sets respectively accounting for almost 50 percent market share of the entire smartphone market in India.
The robust growth of the smartphone market in India comes as a relief to the smartphone industry as a whole wherein more than 100 brands are vying with each other for market share and more and more players joining in at the end of every quarter.The smart voice and data plans offered by Mobile Services companies has also helped the smartphone players immensely and contributed in lowering the overall costs to the consumers.
The other Top brands in India are
– Vivo

Apple started its production facility in India only this year, and the iPhone shipments have almost doubled to 900,000 units in the third quarter.The Market share of Xiomi has been growing at a furious pace and going by the trends it is expected to get past its nearest Rival-Samsung pretty soon.There is tough competition coming in from One Plus 5 as well which has been very well received in the market.The phone is manufactured in India by OPPO.
All in all Smartphone users in India can look forward to great Phones at very competitive prices.

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