Laptops May Soon Be Banned from Check-in Luggage in Flights


Laptops May Soon Be Banned from Check-in Luggage in Flights

The time might come soon when flight passengers will be banned from carrying large personal electronic devices (PED) such as laptops in their check-in luggage. Authorities are pondering over this issue in order to prevent battery fires that could lead to mishaps and fire incidents in the aircraft. On the other hand, the cabin crew is now well trained to handle PED fires.

Just last week, people got scared when a mobile phone exploded and caught fire in the Delhi-Indore flight; but the situation was handled pretty well by the cabin crew as the crew was able to douse the fire in time. Now, these rules might appear stringent, but they will definitely help in preventing situations like these.

International Aviation Agencies have now started considering banning big Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) from check-in bags in flights. According to a report in the ExtremeTech, United Nations will be studying the proposal in coming months. Once the decision is taken, India is also going to follow suit, said a senior DGCA official. Portable mobile chargers, e-cigarettes and power bangs are already banned from check-in baggage in India.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) dangerous good panel is scrutinising a paper on “Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) carried by passengers and crew”. This paper states that if a fire is started from Personal Electronic Device (PED) which is kept in cargo; it could lead to the loss of the aircraft.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted ten tests and had submitted the results in ICAO paper, which concludes that if a Personal Electronic Device is packed in a suitcase with an aerosol and a thermal runaway event occurs; then there is potential for an explosion.

In one of the tests conducted by FAA, the researchers packed a can of dry shampoo with a Personal Electronic Device (PED) and applied a heater to the contents, which caught fire almost instantly, and the can exploded in 40 seconds.

The paper also mentions that since cabin crew is trained to handle such situations, it is safer to carry PEDs in the passenger cabin.

Will PEDs be banned from check-in luggage or not? Well, time will only tell!


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