No One Killed Aarushi-The Unresolved Mystery!

Killed Aarushi Talwar

No One Killed Aarushi-The Unresolved Mystery!

On October 12, 2017 -The Allahabad High Court delivered the much-awaited judgement in the Aarushi Murder case which had rocked the nation almost 9 years ago.The Court Proclaimed the Talwar couple -Not Guilty bringing an end to the suspense whether Nupur and Rajesh Talwar would be convicted or Not.

The court observed that the  Talwar Couple need to be given the Benefit of Doubt as there was no concrete evidence and only circumstantial evidence not enough to nail them.

It may be recalled that the then 14-year-old Aarushi-A student of DPS, Noida was found dead in May 2008 at the Talwar Residence in Noida, Uttar Pradesh along with the Domestic Help Hemraj.The police claimed that the Talwar couple had murdered them, an allegation which was upheld by the lower court in Ghaziabad.The initial investigation by the Local police was allegedly botched up and carried in a very unprofessional manner leading to the CBI taking over the case.

All said and done-So many years have gone by, and yet the murder mystery remains unsolved till date as to who really killed them and the motive behind it.The court verdict brings a big relief to the Talwar Couple who had been vehemently denying the charge all along and kept fighting for justice.

Thought the Court order brings an end to the legal fight until and unless challenged in the Highest court of the Nation and, Nobody will probably ever get to know who killed Aarushi and

Why ? Prompting to Think- Nobody Killed Aarushi!

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