Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair!

Flyaway Hair

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair!

Flyaway hair, also known as baby hair is tiny little hair present near your hairline. They are cute, that is alright but not always especially when you do a neat hairdo before going out and suddenly appear the flyaways. These baby hair have a mind of their own, and they just seem to destroy your look. Taming them is a problem. They exist in the front and therefore, appear to spoil the time you spend on dressing great. They can make your hair completely messy. Let us talk about some ways by which you can get rid of Flyaway Hair.

The Reasons Behind Flyaway Hair

Baby Hair occurs because of a lot of reasons. If you have such hair, then there is definitely something that you are doing wrong. What is it? Let us get into the post and find out!

Flyaway strands can be caused due to wrong brushing techniques, excess blow drying, heat styling, poorly combing your hair, dryness and frizz. Baby hair is also at certain times because of hair growth. They may also be persistent since birth. You can tame these by handling them with care and avoiding too much hair styling products.

How to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair?

You can get rid of baby hair by just keeping a few steps in mind. Want to know what they are? Read on to discover 11 ways by which you can get rid of Medusa or Flyaway Hairs easily.

  1. Braid Your Hair

You should keep your hair braided as much as possible. Try different hairstyles that involve braiding the hair to protect them from damage. The hair looks more managed and well maintained when you comb your hair well. This will help you get rid of flyaway hair easily.

Hair care tips

  1. Choose the Right Comb

First things first, choosing the right comb is significant for your hair health. Metal and Plastic Combs tend to destroy the hair by creating the static current in them. Static current is what leads to flyaway hairs. Choose a good quality brush and drop the plastic and metal combs right away to protect your hair from an early damage.

  1. Hair Serum to the Rescue

Hair serum is an essential product for all hair types. No matter if your hair is dry or oily, everybody needs a hair serum for keeping the hair healthy and protected from damage. You should never forget using a hair serum while combing your hair. Not only a serum helps in detangling your hair but also make them visibly smoother, softer and shinier. It prevents flyaway hairs and helps your hair look beautiful all day long. Serums like, Livon and Silk n Shine are worth giving a try.

  1. Pin, Pin, Pin Them Up

If your hair is growing, it may be very irritating to deal with them. They poke into the eyes, they are on all the sides, and that tends to destroy all your look. What can you do to avoid this? Pin the hair up. If you have small hair growing on all sides, just take them all together, pin them up into a simple hairstyle, and you are ready to go. You should go for a hairstyle that hides these baby hairs. This is one of the easiest tips to get rid of flyaway hair.

  1. Ice Attack

This can not be done while you have stepped out of your home, of course. But if you have Medusa hair or flyaway hairs, then all you need to do is just grab a small ice cube and rub it on your affected hair. Ice helps in settling down short hair that are dry and provide the moisture.

  1. Use Products Made for your Hair

Flyaway hairs are caused due to dryness and damage caused to your hair. As the hair gets drier, it produces more static current and friction. We, sometimes, because of lack of knowledge unwillingly cause more damage to our hair. You should go for products designed for your type of hair.

Some products are made particularly for dry hair type. If you are very serious about taming this hair problem and taking care of the overall health of hair, then just carefully determine your hair type and use products specially manufactured for your hair.

Hairspray- They are designed to combat any flyaways and setting your hair works best for fine to medium hair. A quick spray should get the job done without making you sacrifice any naturalness of your hair.

Lightweight pomades- designed for thicker hair are best in trapping the moisture in your hair. One thing you should keep in mind is that a little goes a long way.

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  1. Ditch the Towel

If you want to get rid of flyaway hair, then you must stop using towel to dry your hair. Drying the hair with a towel can cause split ends, breakage and dry hair. The towel absorbs all the moisture of your hair. This leads to more flyaways. Ditch your towel and pick an old soft cotton T-shirt to pat dry your hair. Cotton just absorbs the water from hair. Hence, using a cotton t-shirt is strongly recommended.

  1. Put the Body Moisturizer into Use

You may be wondering what you just read. You read it right.   Using a little amount of NON-GREASY body or hand moisturiser can help you get rid of flyaway. You should dab a tiny bit of moisturiser in your hands, spread and apply on the baby hair. Remember, flyaways are dry hair. They are caused due to regular damage that is caused to them. So the motive of applying a little moisturiser on your hair is to help these hair seal some moisture. Also, remember that moisturiser works well on medium to thick hair.

  1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

If you use a lot of hair styling and heat styling products, then you probably know how much your hair is subjected to damage. Continuous build-up of chemicals leads to more and more flyaways. To deal with the problem, we got you a solution. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. Also, ensure that you condition your hair afterwards.

Wash Hair with Coconut Oil and Shampoo

  1. Do not Shampoo Too Much

Our hair consists of some natural oils. These oils are meant to keep the hair healthy and moisturised. Now, shampooing the hair every day or even on the alternate days can strip off these natural oils and make your hair dry.

Flyaway hairs are caused due to dryness of hair. If you deal with a lot of flyaway hair or someone who feels that your hair is on the verge of damage, then we recommend you to stop washing your hair every day. You should wash them once or twice a week and not more than that.

The situation, however, differs if you live or work in a dirty, greasy or humid region or your hair needs to desperately clean every day. In such case, choose a frizz-free or moisturising shampoo. Such shampoos are made of essential moisturising elements such as Aloe vera. These provide safety against dryness.

While shampooing your hair use your energy the most on cleaning the scalp and not the ends. Do use a conditioner and let it take care of your ends. This will help you get rid of flyaway hair quickly and effectively.

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  1. Prevent Hair Breakage than Treating it.

It is easier to avoid hair fall than actually treating it. Handle your hair gently to do so. You can do the following to prevent hair breakage

  • Sleep on pillows with silk covers.
  • Use the heat products less and if you do ensure that they are on low settings.
  • Reduce the exposure of chemicals on your hair.
  • Do not use plastic bands for tying your hair.

These were some methods to get rid of Flyaway Hair. We hope this post was helpful to you. Do tell us if you know any other way of treating such hair in the comments below. Also,visit Beauty Salons regularly for hair spa treatment and keep your hair healthy.

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